The Intersection of Plants and People

An Artist Catches Color Mid-Bloom

During her childhood in Kansas City, Dottie Oatman loved to draw, and eventually chose after college to become an art therapist. One of her graduate school instructors turned her on … Continue reading

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Find: Rose Naming Resources

Want to name a rose after someone important to you, after your business, or for a good cause? Read more about who to contact here. The following businesses offer rose-naming … Continue reading

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Name Me a Rose

Floriography, the Victorian Age’s cryptic language of flowers, has reignited the interests of modern gift-givers who want to add more meaning to blooms. While a bouquet of red roses could … Continue reading

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A Sculptor’s Wearable Garden

Looking for holiday gifts can be a full-time task, especially when the recipients love particular flowers throughout the seasons. GardenFelt artist Amy Green Thrasher solves this problem, making delightful floral … Continue reading

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In Climate Battle, Forests Beat Biofuels

John DeCicco, a researcher and professor at the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute, holds an unpopular view that’s certain to rattle many pro-biofuel policymakers. “I completely understand what I did … Continue reading

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Using Food Waste to Purify Water

For some twenty years, Dr. Shyam Shukla has been systematically testing natural waste materials to see which ones could remove harmful metals from contaminated drinking water. His goal has been … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from a Tiny Tree

At the Denver Botanic Gardens in Colorado, a team of horticulturalists have created a special program for people whose lives have been interrupted by cancer. While the participants have this … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Plant Genetics

Author and hybridizing expert Joseph Tychonievich traded emails with PlantXing to share what his garden experiments have yielded this year. Tychonievich’s book, Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener: How to … Continue reading

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Going to Seed

Some seeds blow like parachutes on the lightest breeze. Others snare a dog’s fur with their spines and ride off on canine transportation, possibly to conquer a new patch of … Continue reading

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Where All the Flowers Have Gone

Kaffe Fassett, the textile designer whose colors and patterns have elevated what were once considered crafts to a high level of sophisticated artistry, confesses to being interested in adding another … Continue reading

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