The Intersection of Plants and People



What is PlantXing?

PlantXing (Plant Crossing, or Plant Zing for short) is a magazine devoted to bringing readers fresh information about the areas where humans and plants intersect. While plants visually color and fill out the backdrop of life, their importance to human existence goes well beyond decoration. Plants — fellow beings that silently surround us on land and in our waterways — feed us, filter our filth and allow us to pursue a multitude of livelihoods. They provide us with food, medicine, housing, fuel, clean air, and are the foundation upon which major industries are built. PlantXing offers stories about people who work with plants — growers, breeders, botanists, environmentalists, artists and others — and their creations.

Who is PlantXing?

portraitPlantXing was started by Benita Green Lee, a former news writer and producer for in New York. Currently based outside of Boulder, Colorado, Lee looks forward to speaking with experts worldwide as she explores the endless ways with which plants support and bring delight to daily life.

Thank You

Thank you to the following people for taking the time to answer questions and share images for the launch of PlantXing:

Catherine Long of Long’s Gardens in Boulder, Colorado

Robert Van Liere of Iris4u Iris Garden in Denver, Colorado

Keith Keppel of Keith Keppel Irises in Salem, Oregon

Thomas Johnson and Paul Black of Mid-America Garden in Salem, Oregon

Liz Schmidt, Ray Schreiner and Dyna Herman of Schreiner’s Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon

Richard Cayeux and Diane de Vogue of Cayeux Iris in Poilly-lez-Gien, France

Chuck Chapman of Chapman Iris in Guelph, Canada

Roland Dejoux of the Société Française des Iris et plantes Bulbeuses

Jim Morris, John Jones, and Robert Pries of the American Iris Society

Jill Whitehead of the British Iris Society

B.J. Jackson of the Can-West Iris Society

Simon Dodsworth of The English Iris Company

Additional thanks to Amy Thrasher, Robin Read, Melinda Tepler, Elliott Green and Andy Lee for their eyes, ears and helpful suggestions.

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  1. Gail(Goldschein)Bell
    January 6, 2014

    Benita! Just thinking about you then found this. Think back to remember me (UofM). Would love to hear from you.


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